import vCard attachment

So, what’s the “import vCard attachment” Android app about?

Well, one day I received a vCard or vcf file from a friend who is using an iPhone. And I couldn’t believe it: Android was not able to import it!

Next I searched for a vCard or vcf app in the market. To shorten the story: I didn’t find any convenient app. Though there were some apps that could open vCard or vcf files, they were limitet to open such files from your SD card.

Yeah, great idea. Most notably is the fact, that Android can’t store email attachments on the SD card, too.

And the only remaining solution for a software engineer for a missing-app-problem is to create it himself! :)

How does the app work?

This nice piece of software registeres itself as a handler for vCard or vcf content, which is defined by the MIME type text/x-vcard.

So whenever you open such a file, e.g. by opening an attachment in the gmail or email app, Android will show you a dialog in which you can select “import vCard attachment” as the app which should handle your file.

The app now begins to parse your file. If it finishes successfully, it shows you a preview screen in which you can skim over the entries which have been found in the file you opened.

Now it’s up to you:

  • Cancel the import?  Then touch the Cancel button… this is your last chance to abort the import process!
  • Start importing the vCard or vcf file? Touch the Import button, and the import process will begin immediately.
  • Choose a different target account for the contact? Touch the Choose target account button.

As soon as the import process finishes, the app will ask you a final question:

open contact dialog

open contact dialog

Now it’s up to you again:

  • Open the just created new contact? Touch the Yes button, and the app will open the contact using the Android adress book for you!
  • If you just want to close the app, touch the No button and Android will return to the screen where you opened the vCard or vcf file.

Does this app support vcard files which contain more than one contact?

Yes, absolutly! As far as I know, this app is the only one available for android, which can do that!

Which vCard entries can be imported?

The app supports the following vCard entries right now:

  • Structured names (including given name, family name, display name, etc)
  • Multiple email adresses (including labels like WORK, HOME, etc)
  • Multiple telephone numbers (including labels like WORK, HOME, MOBILE, etc)
  • Multiple postal addresses (including labels like WORKHOME, etc)
  • Birthdays
  • Nicknames
  • and even photos included in the vCard

This list is not finished by now. If you are missing certain entries, feel free to drop me a note about it. I will add the new feature as soon as possible.