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3D Photo Cam

3D Photo Cam

So, what’s the “3D Photo Cam” Android app about?

Anonther great App has been published: 3D Photo Cam!

This App lets you create threedimensional photos in an easy way.

You just have to take two pictures: one for the left eye, one for the right eye.

3D Photo Cam - Startscreen

Touch the left and right “Shoot!” button to take both pictures.

3D Photo Cam - Two photos taken

If you like, you can display the first picture into the camera view of the 2nd picture. This makes it easier to you to shoot the 2nd picture from a correct angle.

3D Photo Cam - The picture of the other eye can be displayed

Now click the “Merge photos” button to create the threedimensional picture.

Choose, whether you want to create an anaglyphic photo (which must be viewed using colored glasses), or to create a stereoscopic picture (which is similar to the well known Magic-Eye-Pictures).

3D Photo Cam - Generated threedimensional photo

Have a lot of fun with this App!

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