The “Web Radio Widget” is a simple app widget that lets you hear your favorite radio stations.

It includes a huge set of predefined international radio stations, including the following ones:

  • SomaFM (US)
  • Alice (US)
  • New Rock (US)
  • L1VE / Eins Live (DE)
  • YOU FM (DE)
  • Energy (CH)
  • IP music (CH)
  • FIP (FR)
  • And many, many more

If you miss a station, don’t be afraid to send an email. I will add your favorite station within days. The only requirement is an available MP3 stream sent by this station.

The same goes for any problems you might face: don’t be afraid to contact me!

Please remember: the time between hitting the play button and the beginningof the playback depends on factors like your actual network speed. It might take some seconds before you hear your radio station.

Please don’t blame this app widget for any network difficulties! :)

If you like this app widget feel free to leave a nice comment in the Android market! :)